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Protection for you, your family and your mortgage . . .

There are various types of life assurance to protect you and your family.

You can ensure that your income is protected and your mortgage is protected in the event of:

  • Death
  • Serious illness
  • Redundancy
  • Accident or sickness
  • Losing your income stream

By identifying your needs and taking into account your current arrangements we will ensure that we provide a solution that is both affordable and in line with your circumstances.

You may be surprised at how little it would cost you to ensure that whatever happens to you your home and lifestyle is protected.
Life insurance has reduced in price in recent years due to people living longer and being healthier.

Generally the younger you are the cheaper your premiums will be and the easier it is to get accepted. In other words, don’t put it off any longer; call us now for a chat about your requirements.

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Income Protection

A family will generally plan for the future based on the incomes of both partners, if one of the partners were to pass away, those plans would undoubtedly need to change if provisions were not put in place. Life insurance can be that provision.

Mortgage Protection

f your income was unexpectedly removed from your family, would they still be able to keep up with the mortgage payments? Insurance can be taken out for the duration of your mortgage to protect against such a possibility. Costs can also be saved by using decreasing term insurance where the benefit decreases as your mortgage balance does

Critical Illness

In the event of a serious or critical illness there is cover available to pay out a lump sum to repay your mortgage in full, ensuring you keep your most valuable asset your home.